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    Layers from multiple SDE Workspaces in a Single Stored Display

    Ed Blair


      All –

      My scenario is this. I need to include classes from two distinct Oracle instances in a single Stored Display.  One set of classes will be stored of the “Log-in” database workspace and others in the “non-Log-in” workspace.  On opening the Stored Display log-in credentials for all layers should be resolved automatically.  In other words I want to avoid the "Database Connection" dialog appearing each time the Stored Display is opened.


      The way I’ve got this to work is have layers from the Log-in workspace defined using a connection that does not have the username and password stored with it.  As normal.  The layers from the non-Log-in workspace are defined through a connection that has a stored username and password.


      While this works, it will also mean that multiple (actually *many*) people would be using the same Oracle connection to get to classes in the non-Log-in workspace, which is probably not the best thing.


      Any thoughts on other ways to tackle this would be much appreciated.