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    Partial Posting of Designs

    Jason Hickerson

      We as a utility are researching the partial posting of electrical designs to better support our OMS software, and were very interested to know how many others are doing this or have considered doing so. We are trying to investigate what difficulties we may encounter if we went in this direction, or if others had advice.



      Jason Hickerson, GISP

      GIS Specialist

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          Kyle Erickson

          I know you posted this a while ago but I'm wondering what you guys decided. We are also looking into this and have encountered several problems giving us no clear best option path. Our number one driver is to have energized features in OMS as fast as possible but we still have to account for things like being able to see the features that will be removed for the as-built reconciliation process. Our big debate is between pre-posting and partial posting. It's going to create more work for someone but what gives you the most bang for the buck?