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    Download conduit manager version 10.1

    chua poh yong

      hi, can i check with you how to download conduit manager version 10.1 onto my machine

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          Juul Dijkstra

          Hi chua poh yong,


          The download can be obtained here: GIS Downloads

          • Select the appropriate version drop-down that you are licenced for "10.1", and product "ArcFM Desktop (which includes Conduit Manager)".


          Let me know if you run into any difficulties.


          - Juul

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              chua poh yong

              Hi Juul


              Please advise the following :-


              1. I had download ArcFm solution for desktop10.1  into my machine. how to check the conduit manager is installed in the machine ?

              2. When I try to open ArcGIS map , ArcFM message pop out say " Please ensure the VBA extension for ArcMap is installed and licensed to use ArcFm'

                   Please advise on the licensing to ArcFM

              3. Can we use same license for 2 machines for ArcFm software for concurrent user?


              Poh Yong

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                  Juul Dijkstra

                  Hi Poh Yong,



                  You can check if Conduit Manager is installed in the Windows Programs and Features, while choosing the "Change" option of ArcFM. A red "X" means that is not installed.


                  Or, when you are in ArcMap, check for the Conduit Manager toolbars being present.




                  The VBA Extension is a separate Esri installer that should be available from your Esri customer portal. This extension also requires a separate license, however this extension and its license are at no cost. Please see this document here in regards to more information: Installing ArcGIS Desktop, or you can contact Esri for more details or concerns. This extension is required while using ArcFM.




                  If your license file has 2 seats available it can be used for two different machines simultaneously, if both machines are pointing to the same license server. (concurrent). If you only have 1 seat, the license can only be consumed by 1 machine at a given time.


                  Hope this helps,