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    What data in Responder data determines classification as a "non-outage"?  Other reporting requirements.

    Sonya Jones

      I’m trying to determine what fields trigger a “non-outage” classification. I’ve been told if we use a Cause from the Planned Outage or Uncategorized sections that it is classified as a non-outage for the Indices calculations. What other fields are considered?
      1.    Are only Call Troubles of No Electricity used in the calculations as long as the Cause is not selected from Planned or Uncategorized? If others count, which ones?
      2.    Are Incidents that have an Affected Customer Count of 0 used in the calculation even if the Call Trouble and Cause indicate outage? If so can is there a configuration change we can make to omit these?

      3.    What factors are used by Responder to determine which Incidents are used to calculate the Reliability Indices?

      4.    Are Incidents with zero customers affected included in the Reliability Indices calculations?

      If I have a group of Incidents that didn’t grow together, say we have main ticket with the bulk of the customers and then two more that should have grown into it with 1 customer each. Can I add 2 customers to the main ticket by just changing the Total Customer count at the top of the Edit Incident window and then change the Customer Counts to 0 on the two other tickets? I’ve been doing this and then changing the Cause codes on the 2 tickets to a non-outage Cause. I’m hoping this results in 1 outage instead of 3 for the indices calculations. If this doesn’t work, what should I be doing?