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    ArcFM Upgrade

    Larry Moore

      When we upgrade to 10.2.1B will we need to get new license files for our laptops that are running ArcFM Viewer 10.0 or will the current license work with the upgrade?




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          Scott Diehl

          Hi Larry,


          You will need to request a new set of licenses for 10.2.1b.  Here are a couple of relevant items I pulled from the Tips section of this article: Upgrade to 10.2.1b


          • Licensing Note: If you're upgrading from a release prior to 10.1, you must obtain new licenses for the 10.1 release. Request a new license at the Telvent Technical Support web page. Contact Telvent with licensing questions. Note that 10.1 licenses can also be used with older versions of ArcFM, back to 9.2.
          • License Manager: 10.1 licenses can be used on earlier versions of License Manager, back to License Manager version 9.2.


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