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    Feeder Manager 2.0 AutoUpdater of Feeder IDs attribute

    Karen Robine

      I'm having problems getting the Feeder Manager 2.0 Autoupdater of the Feeder IDs attribute to update properly when creating some new Primary OH lines. The attribute says Feeder Tracing Disabled. My scenario is as follows:

      I create a bunch of poles.  I do a sketch that joins the polls ending or starting at an existing line with proper Feeder IDs.  The code I wrote is an MM Edit Task executed during On Feature Create. It essentially turns the sketch into a bunch of features being split at each of the joined polls.  If I only create one feature in this whole process, everything works perfectly. The line is generated. The Feeder IDs is set properly. However, as soon as the code generates more then one feature, it doesn't work properly and the Feeder IDs field is set to 'Feeder Tracing Disabled'.  I've attempted to run my code that generates the lines both in a single edit operation, and in multiple edit operations. Same result. Ideas? What code is the AutoUpdater that generates the Feeder Ids values? I was thinking if after all my edit operations complete, maybe I could re-run this code.  Good idea, orrrr?