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    Best place to create Wavepoint database instance for user management?

    Jon Hradsky

      I'm on the "Create and Manage Users" step of Wavepoint configuration. I was wondering if there is a preferred location for creating this database instance? Our ArcFM Server software and Wavepoint software are installed on one server, while the fiber database Wavepoint leverages is on another. Does it even matter if either of these two servers are utilized? I'd like to use the best practice here.


      A second question that I had is how to access the Wavepoint web application. There doesn't seem to be anything in the documentation indicating how to access it (for Silverlight viewer, I believe it was something like "http://localhost/arcfmsilverlight"), but since I don't see anything like that in the documentation, I thought maybe it was set in the user management area. If I can access a rough version of the web application before creating users, I'd like to do so, just to verify the config file is set up correctly. Any help here?

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          Tim Szekely

          Hi Jon,


          Any SQL server database that the tables can be created in and accessed will do.  For simplicity sake you could do this on the same database as the Fiber Manager data, or the same instance but with a separate database, but if there is a server better suited to be accessed by the machine running Wavepoint then that should work equally well.


          Regarding the URL to access the Wavepoint application, this depends on how your IIS server is configured but by default it will probably be something like "http://hostname.domainname.com/Wavepoint", or just as you'd guessed, localhost from the machine running Wavepoint.


          You'll need to set up the user database tables in order to access Wavepoint at all, but once it is set up you can just continue to use the default "admin" account before setting other users up.  Creating users is done via the administrative console inside of the wavepoint application, it should be pretty straight-forward.