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    Using Silverlight Viewer as a tool for actually managing a fiber network?

    Jon Hradsky

      I'm just starting to play around with configuring ArcFM Silverlight Viewer, and it seems like it's mainly useful for all utilities EXCEPT fiber. If anyone here uses it specifically for managing their fiber network, how do you use it? Beyond identifying cables and doing some redlining (which doesn't seem all that special), how do others use it? Our project manager purchased the software under the impression that it worked like a "read-only" version of ArcFM desktop, with the ability to view splice diagrams, device configurations, photo attachments, etc. Now that I've got it installed, it seems that it clearly doesn't do that; does anyone know if custom scripting could implement those abilties? (I'm a primarily a GISP, but also a moderate-level programmer, and from what I've seem, I'd guess no). It doesn't even look like the viewer can trace fiber circuits (although I'd guess if anything could be custom-scripted, that'd likely be closest to it).


      So, back to my main question: in what ways do users that use it for managing a fiber network use it? If the basic ID functions are it, it seems silly to name it a fiber manager viewer, even if that's the primary software's name. Thanks!