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    Arc FM Trace All Feeder saving edits error

    Nacim YOUNESS

      we are facing the attached error when running the "Trace All feeders" by ArcFM.


      we have proceeded this way:


      - We took a copy (Personal geodatabase) of the ElectricNetwork from the SDE geodatabase.


      - We pasted the electric dataset from SDE to an empty personal database.


      -  We Exported ArcFM Configuration from SDE instance (Export ArcFM Configuration)


      Using the personal database the following activities were conducted


      - We created/updated the ArcFM solution system tables.


      - We upgraded the ArcFM solution database.


      - We used the "ArcFM solution object converter" to convert table to ArcFM use.


      - We imported the XML configuration file exported from SDE.


      - We Went through SE documentation for Configuring FM 1.0 and verified all the configuration Step 1 à Step 12


      - We initialized trace weights and run the "inspect/fix source weights"


      - While Executing step 13 "Trace All Feeders" we got the attached error.


      Trace All Feeders will start identifying islands and once it finishes it will attempt to save edits. At this point the attached message is displayed and the operation is stopped once we click OK. We are sure that not one is accessing the PGDB.