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    Configure Geodatabase Replica - Web Service - Performance and Dates

    Jim Kyle

      When configuring ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine geodatabase replication web there is an option to turn on client logging.  Would anybody know how this client logging may impact performance?   For instance if you have 10 clients all requesting the same web service at the same time how would client logging (writing to the access database) affect performance?  Just wondering if database contention could cause client replication to stall - especially when our clients are on slower wireless connections.  ArcFM Engine Configuration Guide.   When I view my logs I am noticing that the start_time and end_time fields appear to be being saved in reverse date formats.  Its like the start_time is coded to use a mm/dd/yyyy format while the end_time is using the client format which is dd/mm/yyyy.  Any ideas on why this is happening?