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    How to test ArcFM Replication Web Service speed / throughput / etc.

    Jim Kyle

      I am running ArcFM Replication Web on a virtual machine IIS7 server, (which also runs arcfm replication, ArcGIS server, etc).  Currently this VM is configured with 8GB RAM and a Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 v2 @ 2.00Ghz on Windows Server 2012.


      Anyway, when my over 150+ clients connect to get their bits arcfm replicas, from time to time something is causing the clients to obtain the replicas extremely slow (almost like the download stops/pauses and then begins again).  Instead of the normal 20 minutes for a full download of 400mb replica it takes 3 hours.

      I almost think that something with the appPool is going wrong but I don't see any event log messages to indicate so.


      I know a lot of network speed factors affect the performance but does anybody know what I can do to ensure that the web service is running at a 100% fully reliable speed and with no bottlenecks?


      Any suggestions would be more than welcome!