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    After having upgraded from 9.3.1 to 10.2.1 for a client we experience that the ArcFM Connect doesn't seem to trigger FeederID recalculation.

    Jens Dalsgaard

      Here's what we experience:


      • We digitize a new cable connecting it to the existing grid.
        • The existing grid has already been feeder calculated and there's a connection from the new cable to a feeder -> as expected FeederID is automatically generated for the new cable.
      • Selecting the cable and using the ArcFM Disconnect the FeederID for the cable is <NULL> 'ed - as expected
      • Without moving or otherwise editing the cable we then reselect it and use the ArcFM Connect tool.

        !!! The FeederID for the cable in question which should have been recalculated / filled out is left <NULL> !!!
      • FeederID for the cable is not filled out before I manually do a Trace a Feeder for the relevant feeder.


      I'd call this a bug


      I tried looking at the available patches, but it doesn't seem as though any of these address this issue. Did I miss something here?


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      Jens Dalsgaard
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      Powel Danmar
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