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    Check out ArcFM license via FME

    Anand Trivedi



      I am trying to find a Python script that allows me to check out a license via FME. I did find a C# script but could not find equivalent python script. Any help will really help.


      There is also an article on Safe website but it asks me to contact FME Support. It refers to some discussion but that is not existent any more as the URL has changed. It also asks to contact FME Support for the code but I am hoping to get it here for myself and future FME developers . After all the C# code is already available publicly.



      • ArcGIS version is 10.1 SP1.
      • FME 2015.0 (will be 2015.1 when it is realeased)
      • ArcFM 10.1.276



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          This may help - Corey Blakeborough posted an article on accessing ArcFM Objects via Python which would potentially allow you to do the license checkout via Python in a similar way to using C#. You'd have to convert the C# approach into Python but this would allow you to access the core ArcFM libraries via Python to do so...


          ArcFM and Python | SSP Innovations

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            Hi Anand,


            When you access an ESRI geodatabase within an FME workbench, FME will automatically check out the ESRI license.

            This will happen whether you are running the workbench via FME Desktop, via fme.exe using a script or via FME Server.


            In my experience, using the ArcFM Solution Object Converter in Arc Catalog to convert the feature classes and tables of interest to ESRI objects will allow FME to manipulate the data objects without needing to check out an ArcFM license.


            Please provide more context on what you are trying to accomplish with FME.


            Thanks, --Bill

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                Anand Trivedi

                Hello Bill and Skye

                Thank you for your replies. As a fyi, I am trying to write a few thousand record in the ArcFMised enterprise Geodatabase. I was able to follow the instructions listed out here to check out an ArcFM license. After the completion of the script I do get an error which I am looking into. However, checking out of ArcFM license works flawlessly.


                I will post more details once I fix the errors.


                Thanks again for your help and response.