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    Wavepoint - Active Directory Auth

    Cory Williams

      Hi Team,

      I was just wondering if there was a way to stop Wavepoint from constantly asking to login when using Wavepoint with Active Directory Auth?

      At the moment, the users are being prompted for the user login page, but as soon as the click on the Wavepoint icon, they get straight in as authenticated users?


      Is there any way around this so that the login page isn't prompting (and prompting after timeouts?)





        • Re: Wavepoint - Active Directory Auth
          Molly Azami

          Hi Cory,


          Have you tried changing your browser's configuration?

          Try setting Local Intranet to automatically detect local intranet sites.

          Also try specifically listing your Wavepoint URL in your Trusted Sites list on your Browser.


          Please keep let me know if either of these configuration changes work.