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    Hiding GUID Fields in Wavepoint

    Cory Williams

      Hi all,

      I was just wondering if there was any way in which to hide fields (i.e. GlobalID, FIBERPARENT, THISFIBERCLASSMODELNAME, FIBERPARENTCLASSMODELNAME, FIBERCHLDCLASSMODELNAME etc...)


      I know that they're needed from the admin to work, but, is there any way to hide them from end users?





        • Re: Hiding GUID Fields in Wavepoint

          Hello Cory Williams.  I saw your question here on exchange and wanted to offer a possible solution for you.


          Our Documentation Center has a wealth of information on configuring and using our products.  Your particular question is likely answered on this page: Wavepoint Configuration Guide.  Take a look at the Field Visibility section and try the recommendation there.


          You can locate other useful Wavepoint documentation via the following:

          • Connect to exchange and locate the Products tab (a link) on the top of the welcome page.
          • Click Products to open the Business segment page.
          • Click GIS to open the GIS Products page.
          • Look in the right hand column under Must Reads and click Documentation.
          • Click the Wavepoint tab from the titles listed across the top.

          You will be presented with various options for further research.


          Let us know if this enables you to accomplish your task described above (you can click Correct Answer) or if you need additional input.  Thanks!