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    Geospatial Services provides four pre-packaged Offers

      Recently the Geospatial Services team reviewed consulting services requests from our customers to identify common requests and the services that we provide to fulfill those requests.  While this review uncovered many common requests, four stood out to us.  Now, we have put together pre-packaged service offerings to make it easy for customers to take advantage of these services.  The following are the initial packaged services that we are offering:

      • ArcFM Solution Best Practices Consulting - helps customers optimize geocentric workflows, while increasing user adoption and system usability.
      • Database Performance Tuning & Optimization Workshop - allows customers to make certain that their geodatabase is performing optimally and to gain critical, expert ArcFM Solution geodatabase tips and tricks.
      • Database Administrator Knowledge Share - provides our customers a great opportunity for their database team to learn best practices for maintaining their ArcFM Solution geodatabase from a highly-skilled Schneider Electric specialist.
      • Disaster Preparedness & Response Consulting - architects a disaster preparedness and response plan designed to help you safe guard your critical systems and data from corruption and loss.

      The attached brochures provide all the details on how these services help customers and the specifics included in each offer.


      Please reach out to your Account Manager to profit from these great services.