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    ArcFM 10.2 error The system Favorites tree could not be loaed, the data may have been corrupted

    Alshareef Hassan Alhareth

      We have three  32 bit Windows 7 desktop.  On this desktop  we are getting following error


      The system Favorites tree could not be loaded, the data may have been corrupted


      Steps to Reproduce

      a) Open ArcFM and change version

      b) Click on start edit

      c) Click on Features icon to see favorites

      The error is shown  :The system Favorites tree could not be loaded, the data may have been corrupted


      Sometime this error appears on step b .  We tried multiple times repairs/uninstall/install. After this it works for one or two time and then again error starts showing up.


      In the event error below TWO error appears



        2015-03-23 14:41:07,808 [1] ERROR [(null)] - "Unspecified" HRESULT: -2147216114 File: "D:\root\source\com\Components\MinerObjects\Include\D8PersistentListItemImpl.h" Line: 755 {log4net:HostName=Hassil, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=} 



      2015-03-23 14:41:20,538 [1] ERROR Miner.Desktop.Toc.Helper [(null)] - mmSystemFeatureFavorites could not be loaded in the Miner & Miner Features Tab System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8004150E): Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004150E at Miner.Interop.D8CuTypeClass.LoadFromDB(String bstrTreeName, IWorkspace pWorkspace) at Miner.Desktop.Toc.TreeViewHost.LoadFavorites(IWorkspace libraryWorkSpace, ID8List& favoritesList, String systemTreeName, String systemDisplayName, String userTreeName, String userDisplayName, String userName, Boolean isValidLogin) {log4net:HostName=Hassil, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}


      This  error is currently experienced by these three desktops only.  All the other  desktops are fine.  These users when use other desktop with their login, there is no error.

      These PCs were working fine but all them started getting error

      Since it is impacting work of three users , request your earliest support to resolve this issue.