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    Feeder Manager 2.0 Synchronization

    Ed Blair

      Hello All –


      Trying to confirm my understanding about what to expect about version conflicts potentially arising from use of the Feeder Manager 2.0 “Feeder Sync” function.   First, FM 2.0 doesn’t update FeederID fields in the course of edit operations as does FM 1.0.  Rather FM 2.0 holds FeederID values it its own storage managed in memory.

      Now, the “Feeder Sync” operation is an optional component that can be run either on Post or at some scheduled time to actually write FeederID values to electric network feature class fields.  The typical use case would be to support custom applications or interfaces that have been written expecting an actual (non-virtual) FeederID field.  The Sync process updates SDE.DEFAULT directly using ArcObjects – meaning AutoUpdaters will fire on the update.  So ArcFM “Last User” and “Last Update” AU will fire if configured.


      In this case, even though updates are being made in SDE.DEFAULT, edits will propagate to child versions on reconcile and we may get conflicts – possibly many conflicts.

      If, however, we use Esri Edit Tracking and the FeederID (and FeederID2) fields are truly the only ones updated by Feeder Sync, and we ensure that all reconciles are performed at the attribute level, then there should not be conflicts arising from Feeder Sync operations.


      Does this sound right?


      Any feedback would be most welcome.