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    ArcFM Attribute Editor Doesn't Select Table Records

    Cory Williams

      Hi Team,

      I was just wondering why, when navigating through the ArcFM Attribute Editor, when you select a Fiber Core, Buffer Tube or any table (as opposed to a Feature Class), it doesn't actually select the record in the table, nor gives us the ability to select the record in the table (an advantage of the Esri attribute window).


      When you right click on a related table record, it allows you to select the Remove from Selection, however if you open the table which it's selecting from, it's doesn't have any record selected?


      Any thoughts on this one? Is this a bug or is this an improvement which might be able to be made?

      At the moment, I'm looking at customised reporting (related to the Splice Report), which this could be a workaround and make things easier to use standard Esri tools to create customised reports to accompany the SE reports (i.e. Splice Report, Patch Panel Report, Glass Report etc).