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    Splice Report - Getting fields from Circuit table

    Cory Williams

      Hi Team,

      I was just wondering how / if it was possible, to get a column from the Circuit table?

      I've added a Comment field into the F_Circuit table and my users would like to be able to display that on this report.


      I notice that the Circuit_Name field is present, but adding the FIBERSPLICEREPORTFIELD doesn't display the fields.

      As Fiber Cores are related to the Circuit, shouldn't it be able to pull that information back?





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          Hi Cory,


          Currently, you are not able to pull additional attributes from the F_Circuit table into the Splice Report or other reports using a model name.  I am curious what information you are putting into this comments field for the circuits?  What information would this communicate on the splice report?


          Thank you for the feedback!

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              Cory Williams

              Hi Ryan,

              It's been a request from my users.

              When they plan a job, they will often splice a bank of cores through from A-J, J being a splice point in the street or a POP site. Theory being that a partial circuit, is ready to be used and we only need to splice the last mile to connect a customer.

              For example, the cores will be marked as "Spare from POP Site A to POP Site B".


              When planning a job, it is extremely useful for them to identify quickly, if they already have any cores available / partial circuits going between two locations.

              Yes, I know that technically they should probably be marking this on the individual cores, but when you have a bank of 12 or 24 cores being spliced over 15-20 cables across the city, it can become a very time demanding task (even with Multiple Attribute Editor).

              However the 'quick and easy' way to mark it along that path, is to enable a circuit which will then record those details. It's comments like the above, which our Fibre Design team would like to see on the report.


              On a side note, I was wondering if there were any plans to modify Connection Manager to make those fields editable for Fiber Core Comments etc? That would resolve this issue for me (and would allow me to keep more stock standard functionality).



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                Looping Ryan Potts back into the conversation here to see if Cory Williams' response gave him the feedback he asked for and if there is anything more he would like to learn from this client's use of Fiber Manager.

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                Hello Cory Williams.  It appears the correct answer may have been provided for your question.  If any of the responses on this thread answered your inquiry, please click the Correct Answer button on that reply.  If this question is still unanswered, please let us know so we can continue to pursue the answer.  Feel free to provide any further detail that may help those in the community respond appropriately.  Thank you!