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    GeodatabaseManager errors

    Christopher Cwiek

      The following error message is showing up in the geodatabase manager log files each night:


      Error reconciling version x: Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004110E.


      Cannot find any information on the hex code.


      For a few of the cases, I opened the version in ArcMap and was able to reconcile successfully.


      Has anyone else seen this error?

        • Re: GeodatabaseManager errors

          Hi Christopher,


          The HRESULT you report is a bit unusual.  It most likely refers to an error related to COM/OLE Interface management.  It may also refer to a web service error, but that seems unlikely in this situation.


          To troubleshoot this further, it would help to know a bit more about the configuration of your environment:

          1. If the error is still occurring, approximately what percentage of the versions processed each day experience the error?
          2. You say that for a few cases you open the version in ArcMap and successfully reconcile them.  Are there some versions you cannot manually reconcile?  If so, can you identify what is different about those versions?
          3. You noted that the error message appears in the log file each night.  Does the error occur only at night?  If you run a reconcile process during the day, does the same error occur?
          4. Is Geodatabase Manager (GDBM) configured to run multiple, simultaneous reconcile processes?
          5. Do you have an overlap between reconcile and post process intervals?
          6. Do you have any custom action handlers or tasks in your GDBM configuration?
          7. Have you ever restarted the GDBM service and found that it then successfully reconciled the versions in question or do they continue to experience the error?


          Thanks for your time.