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    Best Practices for Adjacent UFM Walls?

      We have several underground vaults, manholes and hand holes that are adjacent to each other (share a wall).  The UFM butterfly diagrams can be very confusing when one of the wall diagrams is placed underneath the other.  It looks like the duct banks for one wall are actually on another wall, especially when the vault/hand hole/manholes are offset, sharing only a partial wall.  Is there a way to display the butterfly diagrams such that it is clear which wall the duct bank is actually on?

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          Doug Beeman

          That does sound like it would be confusing. I also expect that it would cause problems with our UFM tools, because they assume that duct banks within the boundaries of a wall belong to that diagram.

          Since the tools find the diagrams by their FacilityID, you can locate the diagrams anywhere in the map. It might make the most sense to move each of the two diagrams half the wall height away from each other so that the top of the walls are touching.

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              Robert Krisher

              Moving the diagram is often undesirable by the business, since there is often a desire that the floor of the diagram is 'spatially accurate' instead of cartographically appealling.  the usual workaround that I see for this kind of problem is to enhance the tool to apply a definition query to the UFM layers so that only the active diagram is displayed.