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    VBA not installed or not licensed.

    Andrew Siegel

      I just installed ArcFM onto a PC that's running ArcGIS 10.2.2. I know all about ArcFM "not working supported" in 10.2.2; however, I had it working before. This is a new computer for a user who was working fine. On her old computer, I had older versions of ArcGIS 10 installed and the VBA extension was installed as well. She was upgraded to ArcGIS 10.2.2 and I installed ArcFM 10.2 and it seemed to work well (once I got sufficient VBA licenses from ESRI). On the new PC, we installed 10.2.2 fresh and, as you know, there is no VBA in this version. Do I need to uninstall the ArcFM and ArcGIS and reinstall back to an older version to get the VBA and then upgrade back up to 10.2.2