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    Scheduling the Orphan Version Cleanup Tool?

    Matt Francis

      It's been asked before, but I have lost track since we moved to 10.2.1. In 10.2.1 (not 10.2.1a) is it possible to run the Orphan Version Cleanup Tool as a scheduled task?  That's something we want to run every day--at the end of the day--before other maintenance tasks like geodatabase compress and batch reconcile are run in our maintenance window.  As it is, we run it every day, during business hours, usually in the morning, and it's not as effective as it could be.


      Ideally, it would be a geoprocessing tool that can be incorporated in a python script and fed the sde database connection info, the process framework database connection info, and then churn away removing unneeded db versions and purging the process tables.  Or perhaps there's a config file out there I am missing that can allow the tool function in this manner.