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    Implementation of OMS with manual entry of data and integration with GIS later once ready

    Balu Chintalapudi

      We have agreed an project in India for delivering DMS and OMS System by Implementation of OMS with manual entry of data now and integration with GIS later once ready.

      OMS System shall be implemented by manual data entry of the field data including the LV network up to the Pole level with consumer indexing. The data will be collected once a week. We has to input the data into the system within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of the data.


      Can you please share you comments to describe how effective is this approach and major challenges faced because of this approach?

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          This is an interesting question Balu.  Field data collection for implementation of ADMS-based OMS and DMS offers some advantages as well as challenges over conversion of data from paper or CAD-based sources.  Data validation of proper network connectivity and correct relationships/indexing of customers to meters as well as transformers through the LV network is critical for both OMS and DMS applications.  Once the data is in OMS/DMS, these systems may reveal data problems that could require additional field validation.

          It is very important to properly design and analyze the field data collection and import process and applications to minimize collection error (via creation of standard/typical equipment lists, valid value lists, GPS location, etc.)  For complex locations where it is difficult to determine connectivity or equipment types, geolocated photography can help post-collection validation.

          For integration with GIS, are you planning on exporting OMS/DMS data to create data in GIS, or integrating existing GIS data with the field collected data in OMS/DMS?  If it is the second case this will be very challenging, since there will be differences in the GIS and OMS/DMS data that will be difficult to resolve.

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              Balu Chintalapudi

              Thanks John for your useful comments.

              For field data collected we have prepared data templates for collecting data like electrical parameters, connectivity information and geographical location. I am not sure how can we validate this data collected from field, as you mentioned once we model the network in ADMS we plan to validate the same with filed in case using state estimation / topology errors.


              We plan to collect as much data avaliable with customer through their vendors and combining with our field data we will make typical equipmemts and hence create catalogs in ADMS system. Regarding connectivity we will try to use their asbuilt drawings and any other resources with customers to validate the connectivity.
              I have attached the templates we prapered for data collection from filed and presentation used for demonstrating the customer system integration with GIS and without GIS system.


              For integration with GIS, when customer is ready with GIS data we need to integrate the same via CIM-XML file via GIS Adapator in ADMS system. At this point we are not sure what GIS customer's are going to implement, based on this we have to merge the manual model in DMS/OMS system and GIS model. I think we need to consider the feeders information. I assume that we may have complexities in merging the adopted load profiles for each load / service points.