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    What causes ArcFM Replication Client 10.2.1a to hang during getting full download?

    Jim Kyle

      Since we migrated from 10.0 to 10.2.1a (1199) once in a while our ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine clients seem to during client replication when their status says 'Getting Full Download'.
      There are no miner event log messages raised.


      Now what some users are doing is to kill the replication process and attempt to start over.  This puts the replication status into a 'Attempting to recover from a partial download' which seems to hang as well.

      In the old 10.0 client we just deleted the client directory that was the problem and then restarted client replication and this 'warm' bootstrap fixed the problem via a full download.  At version 10.2.1a there appears to be a bit more to how you need to perform a warm bootstrap - probably something to do with how it also states that the network connection is no longer needed.  So, what is the proper procedure for doing a warm bootstrap on the client?  (assuming you don't want to do anything with Bitsadmin - as pointed out in this other solution; Solution - ArcFM GDBReplication - Replication Client Hangs Recovering from a Partial Previous Download )