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    Wavepoint - Devices - Configuring Display

    Cory Williams

      Hi Team,

      I've noticed with Patch Panels, we're able to assign the ports to a grid position with the label as something else (i.e. Grid Position 3, but display Port ID as 1). This helps to align ports as they appear in the real world, giving us gaps between port groups etc.


      I've just tried to do the same with Device Ports, however I've noticed that Wavepoint (1.0.3), uses the PORTPOSITIONONCARD Field Model and Field to display position and label.


      I was wondering if there was a way in which we could use either the Port Name field (in both) or for Devices, use the PortNumber field to label the field in Wavepoint?

      (The PortNumber field already has the PortNumber field model applied).


      Is there any quick and easy way around this?