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    Issues connecting to front face of a SEPAM

    Mike Zellhofer

      I have a SEPAM S82 with a mini usb to usb cable that came with the SEPAM, which cannot connect to the SEPAM.

      I have SFT2841 V14.1 that says it works with the usb cable but it is not working for me.  Can anyone help me with this issue or anybody else having this problem?  

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          Shriram Iyer


          We have seen similar behavior before. Please follow the below resolutions:


          Resolution1 :

          1. Open Computer Management. ( Right click on "My Computer" and select "Manage" OR Open control panel, go to "Administrative Tools" and then select "computer management")

          2. Go to System tools--> Device Manager. Expand "Ports (COM & LPT)

          3. Uninstall the sepam driver that gets installed when you connect the mini usb cable to your computer. Once the driver is uninstalled completely, restart your computer.

          4. When the computer is restarted the device driver for sepam is installed again and will help you communicate to the relay.



          Update windows by going to control panel--> Windows update.