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    Thematic map on a date field ?

    Tomaso Bertoli

      Any smart idea on how to make a thematic maps on a date field ?


      I would need to visualize the "LAST_INSPECTION_DATE" ideally with bright colors for the last three years and older inspection dates


      Is adding and populating with an autoupdater a field  LAST_INSPECTION_YEAR the only way out ?

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          Juul Dijkstra

          Hi Tomaso,


          There are a couple of options:


          1. From a date field, use the Convert Time Field Tool, while choosing the option to use double or long as your output.
            1. Use the quantity symbolization on the new field to create the map.
          2. Create a definition query on the date field to include everything under 1 year, and feature symbolize.
            1. Repeat the process for another layer that has the same source.
            2. In the end, for a three year time span, you will have three layers with 3 different queries all grouped in your map.
          3. You can also time enable your FC. Here is more information in regards to that.


          An AU, as you mentioned, would help in maintaining the data dynamically.


          Kind Regards,



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            James Wright

            All of Juul's approaches are solid.


            In my mind, the optimum solution is number 2. Unfortunately ArcGIS does not support the 'GROUP BY' clause except in sub queries. For this reason the best approach would be to decide how you want to group the time. In Juuls example he grouped by year. Once you have determined this you will simply need to create a layer for each time group and symbolize accordingly.


            If there is a way to symbolize off an expression (javascript, python), this could also solve your problem; however, I am not sure this is possible, yet I am not sure it is not either. Using the model builder it may be possible to create a new feature class with times reduced to the grouping resolution.


            Good luck!