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    Stored Display with a Basemap Layer containing Vector Data

    Cory Williams

      Good morning all,

      I was just curious as to whether anyone has experienced an issue where you have a Stored Display with an Esri Basemap Layer, which contains Vector Data (i.e. Streets, Cadastre, Address points etc).

      I am currently getting an ArcMap Drawing error showing:


      One or more layers failed to draw:

      Basemaps:  Vector Data:  Cached:   There were general errors when drawing the basemap layer.


      However, if I were take the vector datasets out of the Cached (Basemap) layer, they will draw without any issues.


      Are Basemap layers not supported, being stored within Stored Items or is there something special which needs to be done?

      All of this data is stored on the users local machine, not within the ArcFM Geodatabase.