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    Report with sums

      I have limited knowledge of running reports, mainly looking up sums of measured lengths of OH and UG electrical lines. We would like to run a report to find out the number of different types of street lights that we have in the database, but no matter what I choose, I am unable to get an option to get a sum of each type. Is there another way I should be looking at running this type of report?

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          Kevin Vaughn

          I think you are looking for the "Summary Options..." button that is on the Report Wizard (it's the 3rd or 4th screen, titled "Which fields do you want sorted on your report?").  Clicking the summary options button opens up a dialog that lets you specify if you want a count or sum (and various other stats) as well as what portion of the report you want it to appear (end of group, end of page, end of whole report).


          You have to specify more than one report field and have at least one level of grouping for the Summary Options dialog to actually have any options - so on the first screen of the report wizard make sure to choose two fields (something like subtype and bulb type).  So you'll need to group your fields (second screen of the wizard) in order to get counts


          Hope that helps!


          Just move your fields from the report fields box to the page on the right using the arrows to set up your groups:


          Then hit the summary options button when this screen comes up:


          Then choose the section (end of group is usually the most relevant for me) and the stat you want: