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    Attribute Editor Won't stay pinned

    Cory Williams

      Has anyone else had any issues with the Attribute Editor, in that it will not stay pinned open when you click the Pin in ArcMap?

      I'm running 10.2.1 (build 626), but the pin on the Attribute almost tries to open another copy of the Attribute Editor but then quickly hides it but leaves the first window open?

      I have tried closing and re-opening the window but the same effect happens.


      Because I can't pin the window open, it won't allow me to undock the window. I'm happy with it where it is, but I was thinking if I could undock the window it might be helpful to have it as a separate window.


      Any thoughts?





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          Juul Dijkstra

          Hi Cory Williams


          I believe patch 626 has been pulled and superseded by Patch #627. Therefore, could you upgrade to the later patch and see if the problem still occurs?

          Also, does the problem occur when the attribute window is tabbed in with other windows (See screenshot)?


          - Juul

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              Cory Williams

              Hi Juul,

              cheers for the response. I ended up uninstalling ArcFM and re-installing it. That seemed to fix the issue. But I wasn't able to tab the window as I couldn't get it to pin. I couldn't rip the window off, because it would only allow me to do it after it was pinned/docked.


              I was experiencing this with a version earlier than 626, but I've just updated to 635 and none of my other users are experiencing an issue like this.


              It was just really strange! :S


              If it happens again, I'll let you know but I'd never seen anything like that before.