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    How do we figure out, then control, what coordinate system our map is using?

    Erica Pfister-Altschul

      We are building a customized ArcFM for Silverlight viewer (latest version).

      I can't figure out how to assign a coordinate system in our viewer. Actually, I can't even figure out what coordinate system it thinks it is in.


      The actual lat/long of this area is around 81W, 34N. (The -9million, 4million XY don't match up with the relevant NAD83 coordinates, either.)


      When the "WGS Projection" box is checked, it just gives up and returns no values.


      The only data in our viewer right now is a Bing basemap. Even when we add other data (in a NAD83 State Plane coordinate system instead of WGS84), we start off in this mystery projection.


      I tried to explicitly declare a projection using WKIDs for both WGS84 and our NAD83 projection per the ArcGIS API for Silverlight instructions, but with the below code no layers showed up (neither Bing nor our local data). I tried 102113 (Web Mercator) as well as 4326, and neither worked.

      <esri:Map x:Name="MyMap">




              <esri:SpatialReference WKID="4326"/>




      I'd rather have mystery coordinates than no data, but ideally I don't have to choose Any ideas?