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    Basemap prints at different resolution than local data

    Erica Pfister-Altschul

      We have set up printing in our ArcFM Silverlight viewer, but are running into a resolution problem with the Bing basemap.

      Before printing and in the preview window, roads and labels are clearly defined:


      After printing, on the generated PDF the basemap is blurry:


      I suspect that we are actually getting two different tilesets here, since the names are shifted around -- one high-resolution when we're seeing the map in the viewer, one lower-resolution when the PDF is generated.


      This happens whether there are additional layers in the viewer or the Bing layer is on its own. Our data shows up clearly regardless of whether the basemap below is blurry. DPI is set to 300.


      Any ideas for what is going wrong, and ways we can mitigate, solve, or work around the problem?