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    Additional fields used in Jumpers feature class

    Matt Francis

      Hey all,


      Aside from Jumper_OID, is anyone using additional fields in the Jumpers feature class?  Would it pick up phasing or FM2 feederids and if so, would that be useful?

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          Shawn Leingang

          I'm guessing you mean the Jumpers_Display (or the feature class, not the



          Responder doesn't use FM2 at this time and will continue to use it's own

          tracing engine regardless of what the user selects.  More fields can be

          added to those fields without hurting Responder; but custom code would

          need to be written to populate the fields as responder would leave them

          blank.  Also, Responder removes records fairly frequently so the data

          wouldn't stay in there very long.