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    Why was Cymdist deprecated at 10.2?

    Jim Kyle

      We have some custom code that uses the Cymdist implementation of network adapter at 10.0.?   We are upgrading to 10.2.1a.

      I am just curious why Cymdist was deprecated at 10.2?


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          Matthew Crooks

          Hi Jim - NA Classic was an older part of the ArcFM Solution (in fact it is more than 10 years old) that needed a new and improved architecture which we created with stand-alone version of Network Adapter . We left some pieces of NA Classic (Analysis API) so that you can still export a selection set to NA XML and then take it from there and transform it into Cymdist XML or whatever format is needed. But our legacy NA Cymdist solution was bound to a speciifc version of Cymdist (4.1) and contained a tightly coupled binary interface between the two platforms which we know today is not the right solution. Today, we embrace loose-coupling, open architecture and industry standard formats like Multispeak and CIM. But the original NA XML format is still available and supported.


          In the end, we had to make a decision to deprecate this part of the ArcFM Solution in order to focus and build better more improved tools that I hope will ultimately meet your needs. I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.