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    Device Connectable in Rack?

    Lane Howerton

      I've created a F_DEVICE with F_DEVICEPORTs both directly under the Patch Location and under the Patch Location inside a Rack (which is the way it should be modeled) but only the former shows up in Connection Manager.  Shouldn't one be able to connect ports using the later method as well?

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          I would guess you are having problems with the attribute for the FiberParentClassModelName field.  When the device placed in a rack, make sure the value for that field is RACK (assuming that is the specific object model name of the F_Rack.  When the device is placed directly in the PatchLocation, I suspect it works because that is the default value for the field. 


          Suggestion:  If the device is placed in multiple stuff, kill the default value for the FiberParentClassModelName field of the F_Device.  As an ArcFM Property, make it also mandatory which will force the user to specify the parent.  You can also lock this down to a created domain of the possible parents if you want to, but is not necessary.


          Let me know if this helps you out.