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    Creating square ducts on a UFMWall

    Ed Blair

      I'm nearly certain this can be done, but I can't quite find the right resource.  If in some cases I need to create circular ducts within a duct bank on an UFM wall but in other cases they need to be square what would be the best approach.  I'm guessing I could create a duct bank favorite with square ducts, but the downside of that is the favorite retains it rotation angel, which I don't want -- I want the duct to be rotated with the wall on which its place.


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




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          Hi Ed - From my experience - unless it has changed - you are stuck with either round ducts or square ducts on a system wide basis. You cannot mix and match.

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            Robert Krisher

            I did some experimenting.  You can change the setting while you are in the middle of an edit session by going to Customize > Conduit Manager Options.  While you can toggle back and forth between square / circle ducts many times within an edit session, each conduit system can only have a single shape type that gets baked into the conduit package when you create its configuration.  One of the things I'm noticing, and this may be a bug, is that all of my ducts on my diagram are coming out to be circles even if the conduit configuration is rectangular and my CM settings in my session are rectangular.

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              Ed Blair

              James Wright checked into the options for this.  Seems the way to get square ducts in the UFM Duct class would be to create Ductbank Favorites with the UFM Diagram Manager and define the duct geometries as squares rather than circles.


              Thanks much for the feedback!



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                  Toward this end, it is nice to know about a few editing tools:


                  If you do not have a duct already (in other words, you are not trying to convert an existing duct):


                  -Rectangle, found in the Advanced Edit tools category.  This tool would allow you to create a perfect square for your duct.

                  Tip: When using this tool, right-click and check the option for Horizontal; this will keep your duct parallel with 0 degrees

                  Tip: To make a square, simply input the same distance for length and width



                  -Circle, found in the Advanced Edit tools category.  Same thing as above, but allows you to create a perfect circle.


                  -Right-Angle Tool, found in the sketch palette.  Sketch while using this tool to create right angles.  You can also right-click to input lengths for your line segments.

                  Right Angle.jpg


                  If you already have a circle duct, and you would like to reshape it into a square:


                  -Don't forget about the SHAPE field in the ArcFM Attribute Editor.  Select the circle duct, in the Selection Tab click the pencil in the shape field, and then draw the new square shape using the right-angle tool.  Then, update your new shape.  It will keep the existing attributes.  Finally, as James Wright stated, save this work as a UFM favorite if you'd like to leverage your duct bank configuration of squares and circles on other walls.