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    Switch Order & System Changes Best Practices

    Mike Margenau

      Can anyone recommend some best practices for handling switch orders that require GIS updates when there are more complicated system changes?  More specifically, system changes beyond just changing the normal state of a device.  Perhaps where lines are changed, devices are added, etc.  Thanks!

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          Trey Price

          Hey Mike,


          I see you didn't get any (at least public) responses on this. I was just thinking about this today (and was gonna post and ask about it, until I saw your post) as our crews did some switching over the weekend and changed out a Switch Gear.. which required a switching order and some permanent switching to be changed.


          Have you come up with any standards for your organization?

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            Nicholas Wanke

            Hi Mike


            I'm also interested to know if you've come up with some standards.  My thoughts on this would be, that if you were doing switching while changing out some hardware, the Switch Order itself in Responder could have a 'Device Information' or 'Perform Repair' step on the affected device.  When this step is done in the field, there could be notes added in Responder that this involved changing from Device ID A to Device ID B, and you could execute those steps in the application.  Then, once this edit happens in the GIS, you can update Responder's copy of the data as normal.  I'm not sure what else you might have been asking here, though, so please respond if you have more questions (if I can help).