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    ArcFM for Silverlight 3.2 - Problem Configuring Searches

    Philip Dunn

      I am currently attempting to configure the 3.2 ArcFM Silverlight web page.  All is going well, except the searches.   I can't get any search to work.  I know my search text is valid, but it never returns any results.  They are simple searches at the layer level (no relationships). I am seeing my data in the map, so I know the layers are being loaded.  And it does perform the search with no errors...it just always returns zero results.  Since I am querying all fields, I have tried the OBJECTID since I know that should work.  Does not.


      Anyone experiencing this?



           <Search Title="Transformer" MaxRecords="10" Description="" ZoomToAllResults="True">

                <SearchLayer Url="https://[server name]/arcgis/rest/services/NextWave/NextWaveFacilities/MapServer" LayerId="2" Fields="*" />