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    Switching Orders in OMS Responder

    Luis Baena

      I need to know about the following message:


      "You cannot update the time of operation of a device that is part of a multi-device without also updating its actual status to crate a new switch operation"


      This appears when I execute an operation on a switchin order in Responder Explorer.


      Any info would be much appreciated.


        • Re: Switching Orders in OMS Responder
          Nicholas Wanke

          Hi Luis


          The basic idea of that message is that, once you have multiple devices on an incident, if you are updating the Time of Operation on a device, it needs to include a Switch Operation (some opening or closing of phases) rather than just being an edit/change to the time on an already executed step (a step that could have potentially affected loadpoints that are in the history and no longer a part of the active view of an incident).  It seems like, based on the short explanation above, that this is not the type of scenario where I'd expect to see this message.


          This one probably will need specific research into the data/steps related to recreating the issue, so I would suggest entering a support case.  They'll want to know what version you are using, as well as some reproducible steps that talk about the contents of your Switch Order (devices, step type, times entered, etc.)