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    Locally stored file GDBs being locked for editing while ArcFM is installed?

    Jamie Krueger

      I have noticed a slight issue where locally stored file GDBs are being locked after about 10-15 minutes of editing which prevents the saving of these edits. This was a task I did repeatedly prior to the installation of ArcFM, but haven't had to do in about a year or so. I am not sure that the ArcFM installation is the culprit, it's just the main difference in my ArcMap installation between then & now.


      I am able to save edits for the first 10 or so minutes of the edit session but after that I get an error message that reads "Unable to save edits" if I attempt to close the edit session I get an error saying "file or workspace is locked or read only and the edits cannot be saved" (I'm paraphrasing, I've been working outside of an edit session & using the field calculator to make the changes I need so I haven't seen it in a while). I thought it might be tied to using the ESRI edit session tools and tried using the ArcFM session manager to create an edit session, this too results in the GDB & workspace eventually being locked up.


      The concern for us going forward isn't my current task. I'm doing some simple system comparison stuff so using the field calculator as a workaround is fine as all the data is being edited for my consumption in an FME batch or Excel spreadsheet. However our other GIS group that doesn't deal with network connectivity on a regular basis will be having ArcFM installed on their machines as well at some point in the future and we'd like to head off any possible issues there since they'll be doing far more editing of data not in the ArcFM environment than in it.