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    ArcFM Simple edge feature cannot connect junction feature when splitting on a Simple Edge Feature?

      I am currently working as a dektop GIS lead for the CEM GIG Upgrade project in Macau. We are using ESRI 10.2.1 and ArcFM 10.2.1 and SQL Server 2012 as the database.


      We are having a geometric network containing cables that are Simple Edge features and joints that are Simple Junction features. Please note that all objects are ArcFM objects.


      When placing on the edge of the cable (using ArcGIS Create New Features on editor toolbar), the cable splits into 2 as expected (as it is a simple edge feature), but the joint is not connected with the cable. i.e. Subsequently moving the joint only moves the joint and not the cable.

      Even trying to connect the joint using ArcFM Connect Features tool does not work.




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          Ringo, have you shared this with our GIS Support team? Or, in the user forum?

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              Hi Sean,

              Good to hear you  again and concern our CEM cases.  I did log issues to Schneider Electric ArcFM GIS support  and the issue is assigned to Terri Harris.


              CEM is now working on the Phase 2 migration and the progress is so far so good, excepts some issues need to be fixed.  I will be following up their ArcFM issues and communicate with GIS Support on Exchange.


              I also have replied Terri’s response as below:


              Thanks you for your caring.



              1. Ringo.




              Re: (34125) An issue for splitting Simple Edge cable with Junctions

              Ringo Ng Aug 15, 2014 9:41 AM (in response to Terri Harris)

              Dear Terri,

              Thank you for your prompt response.


              I totally understand what important of using ArcFM editing processes. I did tell and strongly recommend users to go through ArcFM editing processes and utilize the ArcFM Feature Favorites in Features tab (Features button on the ArcMap table of content).


              The point is that users may using the "Create New Feature" to create the junction on the Simple Edge cable by mistakes.  (Because of switching around using "ArcFM Create Feature and Create New Feature", It will be a potential CORRUPTING their data by creating Junction on Simple Edge without any connections.


              Also we cannot disable ArcMap Standard "Create New Feature" functionality as your mentioned we need it for creating annotations. I don't know why only have an issue on placing junction on splitting Simple Edge cable by using ArcMap Create New Feature functionality. The Complex Edge is work fine with splitting cable and connected to the junctions.


              Users from Macau also mentioned and highlighted that causes can hardly be accepted, since it is not just jeopardizing their operation, but it is very risky for their staffs to maintain their valuable data and may cause human casualty potentially.


              The users at Macau is ArcFM's major clients and CEM (Macau Electric Company) will be an indicator of successful with Schneider Electric ArcFM.  Hong Kong, China, Asia Electric company are now watching on this migration projects with ArcFM.


              I hope we should make ArcFM better and better. I think any single bugs or issues will be potentially leading failure of the projects. Could you please discuss with your development team. it may be a easy fix and provide the patches soon.



              1. Ringo.