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    Unable to create a 10.2.1 Service

      I've searched and read through what I can find regarding this issue and have been unable to resolve this error with creating services with ArcFM layers.  We are not using any extensions like fiber manager.  We are not trying to do editing, just viewing through the service.


      When attempting to create a service through ArcCatalog, it analyzes (with expected Layer is being published with custom feature and custom class extension warnings, but no errors) and I can click preview and see features from these layers in the preview, but I receive errors like the following for every layer in ArcGIS Server Manger logs:


      The Layer:'Capacitor Bank' in Map:'Layers' is invalid. The base table definition string "sde.GISOWNER.CapacitorBank" is invalid.  Unable to create object class extension COM component [sde.GISOWNER.CapacitorBank].


      I have ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1 with the #609 patch and both the 64-bit and 32-bit 10.2.1 Object Readers installed on the server.

      I've verified that the database user and ArcGIS service account has select access to the MM tables (not sure exactly what is needed here, but in trying to troubleshoot, I've verified both accounts have access)

      The layers are accessing the same default version as other non-ArcFM services that we've created


      Non-ArcFM related services create with no problem.  I'm not sure what else could possibly be causing these errors and am hoping for some ideas of what else I could look at or where I might find out more detailed error information than the uninformative messages in the ArcGIS Server Manager logs.