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    ArcFM Viewer using a tablet’s built in GPS: issue with other applications using GPS data

    Brad Phillips

      We are testing a Windows 7 tablet that has a built in GPS receiver. After connecting to the COM Port, GPS functionality within the viewer works as expected. The limitation is that while ArcFM viewer is using the COM port, no other application can get the GPS signal.


      Has anyone experienced this issue before?


      One possible solution may be to use GPSReverse (http://www.turboirc.com/gps7/#section-3). It is an application that uses the Windows Location API to read the GPS data and exposes it as a virtual COM Port to applications that do not support the Windows Location API directly. That would allow ArcFM Viewer and other applications to use the built in GPS receiver at the same time.


      We have not yet tested GPSReverse.  Is there other software that is recommended?