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    How to validate cardinality when destination has multiple subtypes?

    Jim Kyle

      I have a question for any developer out there on how to possibly use cardinality rules to enforce this situation... (I am basing it off ESRI documentation to keep it simple;


      Anyway, if I have a features setup exactly like http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#//004t0000000n000000 EXCEPT instead of Hydrants only having one subtype 0 = Hydrants, I have instead (0=500GPM Hydrant, 1=1000GPM Hydrant, 2=1500GPM Hydrant).


      I want the following rule enforced "...it is invalid for a hydrant lateral to not feed a subtype:500gpm Hydrant OR a subtype:1000GPM Hydrant or a subtype:1500GPM Hydrant".   So in other words, I have a hydrant lateral and I want to ensure that at least one Hydrant of any subtype is on it.
      If I use the ESRI Cardinality rules for Origin and Destination - specifying for each destination subtype it is 1:1 it doesn't work.  QA/QC picks up on this as if "a hydrant lateral is to feed 1 500gpm Hydrant and 1 1000gpm hydrant and 1 1500gpm hydrant.




      Am I setting up something wrong in the cardinality rules when there is multiple origin to multiple destination subtypes?  If not, how can I validate/create the type of cardinality rule I want to enforce?  (A custom esri rule? custom ArcFM Validation rule?)


      Thanks, for any info, especially if you have come across this situation in your environment.