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    What GDBM_PROCESS_LOG table will do in GDBM procerss?!!



      What GDBM_PROCESS_LOG table will do in GDBM process?!! its always showing as empty table always. Please let me know i am missing any configuration. what this table do in GDBM posting version process.




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          Hello Srihari Darapaneni.  While going through questions on exchange I came across yours about the GDBM_Process_Log table.  This table's purpose is to allow GDBM to run multiple reconcile services (plus a post service) simultaneously without generating conflicts as it processes through the available versions.  It is a dynamic table with rows being added and removed constantly while GDBM is processing versions.  However, if GDBM stops unexpectedly, then rows can remain in the table.

          It functions as follows: As a GDBM service begins processing a version, it checks to see if there is a row in the table with the same version name.  If it finds such a row, this indicates the version is currently being processed by another GDBM service, so the newest process gets aborted.

          In summary, finding zero rows is not an issue at all.