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    CableLengthSource field only accepts Footstamps or GIS Length....

    James fretwell

      I'm on Fiber Manager 10.1.276 ....Is anyone else having this problem?

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          Hi James.  Thanks for posting your question.  Can you please provide a bit more detail?  For example, is the issue that you are not seeing other options like Field Notes or GIS + Slack Loop?  Please see my screenshot below:



          Or, is the issue that you are selecting another option like Field Notes, and yet it is not allowing you to input your Notes Length?  The way it should work, is if you select Field Notes for a cable, then you can simply input the Notes Length.  If you select Footstamps, then you input the starting and ending cable mark.  For both, it will take your inputs and then multiply by the glass twist factor.



          Please let me know if you are not seeing the option you need in the LengthSource dropdown, or if the length inputs are not working correctly.  Thanks.

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              James fretwell

              Hi Andrew. I see the other options .....the length inputs are not working correctly. What is the procedure for Calculate Footage? ......Footstamps?

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                  Calculating footage depends on what LengthSource you are using:


                  1. GIS Length + Slack Loop Length

                  This is (Length of your polyline + Length bundled in all slack loops on that line) * Twist Factor

                  For example, if I drew a cable 1000 feet long, and added a 50-foot slack loop & according to my cable specs the twist factor is 1.02, my glass length would be (1000 + 50) * 1.02 = 1071


                  If you choose GIS Length + Slack Loop, all you do is draw the cable, and the system takes care of the rest.  Besides twist factor, there are no other fields in which to enter values regarding length for the cable.  When you add a slack loop, that length will be automatically added to the cable length.



                  2. Footstamps

                  These are received from the crew.  Imagine they pulled a cable from Manhole A to Manhole B through conduit.  At Manhole A they write down the printed footstamp on the cable itself; let's say they see 1750 printed on the cable.  Then, they write down the footstamp at Manhole B; let's say it reads 2300.  They give you that info.  In the field STARTINGCABLELENGTHMARKING, you type in 1750, and in ENDINGCABLELENGTHMARKING you type in 2300.  The calculation is (2300 - 1750) * 1.02 = 561


                  If you choose Footstamps, the fields STARTINGCABLELENGTHMARKING and ENDINGCABLELENGTHMARKING need values.



                  3. Documents/Field Notes

                  This relies upon the NotesLength field.  Here, we are assuming the crew simply noted the length, and you are typing it in.  So, the crew gave you field notes that stated the cable laid was 800 feet.  The calculation would be 800 * 1.02 = 816.  One point to make here is that if the crew performed an OTDR trace to find the length, you would input that length and have a twist factor of 0.  This is because the OTDR reading already includes that twist factor.


                  If you choose Documents/Field Notes, the field NotesLength needs a value.


                  Final Notes:

                  -Each cable can use a different LengthSource.  Perhaps for Cable A you have footstamps, but for Cable B you have field notes.  You can set the LengthSource individually for each cable.  The notes length is typically not the same for all your fiber cables.

                  -You will see a length and a glass length.  Length is simply the length before any twist factor.  Glass length is your length * twist factor.


                  Please let me know if I'm missing the mark in this answer.

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                Hi James.  Just checking back in to see if you were able to verify the configuration.  Please let me know and we can take it from there.