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    ArcFM Attribute Editor configuration

    Philip Davenport

      Hi, we are upgrading currently from 10.0.3 to 10.2.1 and I have a question about the ArcFM Attribute Editor layout and if it is configurable.


      1. In our current environment for example the left column for field names is the width of the longest field name, in our new development environment it is much wider.

      2. The new attribute list takes up more room.

      3. The lock symbol is not as clear as the gray shading in our current environment for un-editable fields.


      Left is current environment and right is 10.2.1


      attribute editor 7-10-2014 2-48-45 PM.png

        • Re: ArcFM Attribute Editor configuration
          Samuel Tregillus

          Hi Philip,


          You can re-size the width of the fields by placing your mouse right where the field name and the field value boxes touch and dragging to the left or right as desired.  This setting should be saved, so you shouldn't have to do this every time you open the attribute editor. 


          I can see what you mean about the lock icon.  I'd suggest that you go to the ArcFM Product page and submit an idea to get this changed.  This is the sort of thing that our developers will see and hopefully can change easily if it gets enough attention. 


          Let me know if you have any other issues!