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    Licensing error while running Automated Cleanup C# Sample

      I'm trying to get the Automated Cleanup C# Sample to work (10.1 DesktopSDK). It compiles fine, and passes both ArcGIS and ArcFM license functions provided before executing StartCleanup(). I'm trying to fix "application is not licensed to perform this operation" errors generated below:


      Text file log:


      Command line output:


      License Manager Screenshots:





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          My guess from the error message is that the application is getting the lowest requested Esri license, which in this case with your license setup, would mean that the application would get the Engine license, which would need a Geodatabase Update Extension to edit the geodatabase, which isn't included in the screenshot you show, nor do we attempt to check out this extension in the sample.


          To test this, modify the Program.cs class on line 15, to only include the Advanced license and try re-compiling, like so:


          if (!m_AOLicenseInitializer.InitializeApplication(new esriLicenseProductCode[] { esriLicenseProductCode.esriLicenseProductCodeAdvanced },


          This will stop it from checking out an Engine license and instead it should get a full advanced license, which should allow those operations that failed before. The sample should be updated to reflect this limitation, so I will follow-up on that.